The Rotary Club of Kardinia appreciates your support of our service to the community and in particular in these Covid times, the support of Geelong and Regional businesses, injecting funds into the local economy with your order. Please refer below for gift box contents and prices.
Orders must be received before 30th of November 2020. Goods will be packaged and delivered commencing in the week of 7th December or earlier by agreement. You can add delivery instructions to the order email below in case your premises will be unattended.
Please click the following link to generate an email to request your gift box. Simply complete the details requested in the email and await the next steps.
If this link does not generate a pre-filled email for you, click "Read more..." below.
Next Steps
On our receipt of your order, you will receive an invoice. On payment of the invoice, your order will be delivered. The invoice will detail the payment methods, via direct debit bank transfer.
Producer details:
Daryl’s Fresh Roasted Peanut Butter 375ml GF
Jennings Cold Extracted Honey  500g 
Madeleine Rose Spiced Apple & Pear Chutney 250g
The Fudge Man – Caramel Fudge 80g GF
Bellarine Brownie Turkish Delight & Pistachio Rocky Road 230g GF
Lighthouse Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ML 
Freckleberry Chocolate Tree 40g GF
Otway Tiny Rock Boiled Lollies 75g
Otway Strawberry Preserve 140g
Manzillo Tuscan Marinated Olives 200g
Screaming Seeds Mixed Spice Pack & Recipes 45g GF
Wildings Spanish Onion Marmalade 270g GF
Wildings Orange & Fennel Sea Salts 100g GF
Adelia Spiced Pistachio Dukkah 150g
Adelia  Raspberry & White Chocolate Pancake Mix 450g